Gadd pounds a treadmill. He is training for the Man’s Man Final in Mansfield. The ultimate competition of manly masculinity. He is determined to win. Determined. Especially after the embarrassment of last year…

Never mind that. Run. Run. Run. Pound. Pound. Pound. Just what was it lurking in his imagination which cost him last year’s title? And what is this monkey doing baring down on him at every turn?

Never mind that. Run. Run. Run. Pound. Pound. Pound. Dare he speak the secret that cost him last year’s title? Or will he keep running until his heart gives out and his knees shut down?

This is Gadd’s biggest secret. A lurid, unsparing portrait of a consciousness in meltdown – as the clock ticks on the most tightly held secret of his life…



Monkey See Monkey Do debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2016 and later transferred to the Soho Theatre in London for an eight week run. It toured to key venues across the UK and Europe, and had a five week run at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. It was also broadcast on Comedy Central.



“A brave, funny, and frankly magnificent piece of work.” ★★★★★ Fest

“The young Scot’s charisma and commitment to his art are extraordinary […] Gadd is a true one off with what could well be a glittering future ahead of him.” ★★★★ Telegraph

“A finale that is unexpectedly direct and moving. In a city full of comedians addressing their mental health issues, this is the riskiest and oddest and most memorable of the lot.” ★★★★ Times

“Undeniably compelling […] it’s strong stuff, and courageous.” ★★★★ The Guardian

“The rawness of the story, the overwhelming experience of the multimedia presentation, and Gadd’s exceptional performance mean this is a show that will stay with you.” ★★★★ Chortle



Winner, ‘Best Comedy Show’ – Edinburgh Comedy Awards 2016.

Winner, ‘Comedian’s Comedian’ – Chortle Awards 2017.

Winner, ‘Outstanding Achievement’ – Scottish Comedy Awards 2017.

Nomination, ‘Cunning Stunt’ – Malcolm Hardee Awards 2016.

Nomination, ‘Innovation & Experimentation’ – Total Theatre Awards 2016.

Nomination, ‘Best Comedy Show’ – Chortle Awards 2017.

Nomination, ‘Best Comedy Show’ – Scottish Comedy Awards 2017.

Nomination, ‘Best Comedy Show’ – Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017.

Nomination, ‘Theatre & Performance’ – Hospital Club Awards 2017.