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Review: New York Times, 10th April 2024

“Watch this astonishing stalker drama…”

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Review: Evening Standard, 10th April 2024

“Richard Gadd’s tale of obsession and stalking is nail-bitingly tense. This fascinating show has lost none of its bite since its days at the Edinburgh Fringe…”

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Review: Independent, 9th April 2024

“This twisty, complex drama about a real-life stalking case is something very special…”

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Interview: Netflix, 25th March 2023

Sometimes in the pit of despair, inspiration emerges. I was now in the fourth year of being stalked, by a woman, whose only skill greater than her ability to harass was her ability to evade the law. She had somehow just obtained my mobile number and I was in the peak of my career at that point, having just come back from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where I had won the Edinburgh Comedy Award for Monkey See Monkey Do. A show which tackled the sexual abuse I suffered when I first got into the industry.

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Interview: Independent, 8th October 2019

“I did question whether I deserved it,” says Richard Gadd. “Where did my wrongdoing stop and hers begin? When she started doorstepping me? When she attacked me?” The 30-year-old comedian is talking about his stalker. The woman, “Martha”, who sent him 41,071 emails, 350 hours of voicemail, 744 tweets, 46 Facebook messages, 106 pages of letters, sleeping pills, a woolly hat, a pair of brand new boxer shorts and a cuddly reindeer toy. The woman who turned up at his shows, and outside his house – “all,” as he says in his new show Baby Reindeer, “within the realms of legality.”

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